lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Sitting in the chair of the Sanhedrin, waiting for someone die tonight

(intentando escribir poesía en un idioma que no es el mío)

Never upon a Shadow,

Never upon the truth,

While the snakes taste and swallow

Broken pieces of our youth…

Embracing you

With deepest fear, please don’t shout

When The Daylight dies,

The human kind is the only one guilty

By default.

And we know it.

But we don’t say…

What would we say?

Where should we stay?

Whom should we blame,

Beside money, music,

Tv, government, the church?

This is how in god we trust.

The Flames illuminate

The night like a little sun,

And you my love,

Standing on the building,

Keep on saying:

“burn, human history, burn!”

Aquí la traducción

Photo By Chase Lisbon Model: Apnea

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